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P4000/3000/2000 SERIES Lightbar

Item Number: P4-2S1N-SÁRGA | Manufacturer: Federal Signal Vama

Quick Overview

The 4000/3000/2000 Series have a compact, reliable design that combines the features of a high-quality lightbar with low-cost requirements.

The 4000 Solaris series stands out for its 24 latest-generation Solaris LED priority lights with advanced optical design, high intensity and reduced consumption.

The 3000 Strobe series has two, four or six high-power omnidirectional strobe lights. The power supply is integrated in the lightbar.

The 2000 Halogen series is made of high- luminosity single or synchronised rotating halogen priority lights.

The 4000/3000/2000 series come with secondary lighting options including Takedown and Alley lights, Solaris LED modules, additional halogen or strobe units, illuminated signs, SignalMasters, and Brake, turn, tail lights.


DIMENSIONS: 600 - 1800 x 188 x 124 mm Mini Lightbar 463 mm Solaris, 363 mm rotators
SOLARIS LED COLOURS: blue, amber, red