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CHARGEABLE magnetic LED emergency light - MÁSOLAT

CHARGEABLE magnetic LED emergency light - MÁSOLAT

Illuminating vehicular signalization:

traffic safety, emergency, device for accidents
accident area assignation
traffic safety signal light, assignation near the ground
warning the running vehicles for the emergency and the presence of the police
in case of catastrophe, current failure
signaling of police control with diversion
road danger, signaling of an avoiding road
signaling of road building and personal protection

Operation: chargeable battery

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Flashing alternatives and operation times (in case of fully charged battery):
1. pattern/ circling---4 LED illuminate simultanously: 12 hours
2. pattern/ 3 flash, break—16 LED illuminate simultanoosly:10 hours
3. pattern/1 flash, break—16 LED illuminate simultanously: 20 hours
4. pattern/rotating—8 LED illuminate simultanouly: 10 hours
5. pattern/SOS flash: 8 hours
6. pattern/ even illumination—strong:5 hours
7. pattern/ even illumination—pale: 16 hours
8. pattern/ 2 LED battery lamp: 18 hours
9. pattern/4 LED battery lamp: 15 hours

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