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Pedestrian crossing lighting system, Smart

Pedestrian crossing lighting system, Smart

Signaling and illuminating system for pedestrian crossings designed to achieve the highest levels of safety for pedestrians using the latest technologies.

The Talos G and Talos N luminaires were developed to illuminate pedestrian crossings creating, with a dedicated optics, a positive contrast between the person and the surrounding environment, ensuring a high vertical enlightenment, in accordance with EN 13201.

The BACKLIT SIGNS and LEDBOX help road users to better identify the presence of a pedestrian crossing.

Classic APL-ELV (Extra Low Voltage) is the first system for the signaling and lighting of pedestrian crossings in extra low voltage which makes it ideal for installations where the 230V power supply is available only on one side of the road, making the installation procedure and the crossing of the street with cables, safer and easier

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an horizontal plan, highlighting the crossing with a minimum recommended light level of 100 lux (average) and a vertical plan, lighting perfectly the body of pedestrians making them visible, starting from the waiting area, extremely important factor to prevent accidents on crossings.

The LED luminaires Talos G and Talos N have been designed with a dedicated optic specifically to illuminate crossings, creating a positive contrast between the pedestrian and the surrounding environment, producing a very high vertical illumination level according to EN13201.

APL Smart

1 - The system is activated by a push-button or by a sensor.

2 - Thanks to the intelligent dimming the lighting level for the pedestrian crossing goes from 40% up to 100%. LED flashers start working.

APL Smart wireless

Does not require wiring inside the road. Available only with Talos G

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