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About us

Our firm was established June 1990. We have a site of our own in the third district, 15. .Pomázi street., we are the largest trader of auto and cargo hold airconditioning. The firm began its activity with trading and installing of auto alarm equipments, which is even today one of the best known and most famous device. We started in 1994 dealing with air conditioning and refrigeration. Our specialists posess highest degree and „green card” for refrigeration industry. Our best experts can take part every year in courses abroad.

December 6th 1999. we fulfilled and obtained the ISO 9001:2000 qualification by TÜV Bayern.

Security, warning light and sound signalization
An expansion of the activity of our firm took place in 2000 acquiring exclusive trading title for the products of Federal Signal Vama, which is one of the largest fabricant of automobile security and warning light and sound signalization. The products proved their good quality on group trials.

We won the installation of 278 pieces security signal for ORFK in 2003. From that time on we are constant supplier of ORFK, BRFK, HÖR and in the ambulance cars of National Ambulance Society, both in the scope of seurity sound and light signalization and air conditioners.

Through the owners of firm we are member of a group consisting of 6 firms, of which Scorpio and Fercom Ltd. took part in supplying public secutity products. Fercom Ltd. trades URH Radios of Motorola as well as installed and maintains the informative siren and alarm systems of the population in Paks and 30 km circuit thereof.

Auxiliary heating
We have been trading the exellent auxiliary heating radiators, air-blowers and their accessories of the French firm KALORI. We are the supplier of the Ambulance Society in their ambulance cars.

In 1993 was introduced in Hungary an auto air conditioning equipment from the firm ALEX ORIGINAL of Israel, that meant a considerable progress in improving the summer- and winter comfort feeling of the home drivers.

Alex Original is one of the largest auto airconditioner fabricant, supplier to numerous auto factory for several auto type. Its products are reputable all over the world and represent perfect quality. The firm belongs to the 20 largest in Israel.

We obtained from our outland partner not only the exclusive trading right, but the continuous training of our specialists, that is organized every year in the central factory in Netanya.

The airconditioners of the fabricant are constructed to the auto type, year of production, accurately follow the modell changes, therefore they can supply for nearly 600 type.

Our products are equal to the original equipment of the manufacturer. The latest product of ALEX ORIGINAL offers versatile solution for cargo hold refrigeration of lorries and air conditioning of the passanger room. The equipment installed on the top of the automobile is aesthetical, at the same time accomplishes their task exquisitely. Among the equivalent products traded in Hungary we can ensure our product at the most favorable price and with excellent quality.

Since 1997 we have been trading the DIRNA (MITCHELL) type airconditioner, which play leading role int he airconditioning of lorries and camions.

Our references:
The Tisza and Danube ships of ORFK Water Police, ORFK patrol autos and traffictechnical and troopcarrier buses , autotracks of Volan Tefu, ministerial autos of the Republican Sentinel Regiment, Metropolitan Water Works Corporation, National Ambulance Society, Volan of Vas Corporation, Kravtex Ltd, (Credo bus), Auto Rad Controlle Ltd.(Arc bus) HM Armcom Corp., Porsche Hungaria, Duna Auto Corp. GM CEE, Ford Hungaria, Hyundai Auto Hungary Ltd., Interflotta Hungary Ltd. Autopanel Corp. Szamos Marchpane Ltd., Banktech Security Corp. OTP Bank Corp., Whirlpool Hungary Ltd. etc.

We have national and international service system, we have middleman connection with 65 auto trader and workshop.

We undertake 2 year guarrantee for our products.

Installing and maintaining of central heating and cooling systems in tier buildings as well as ventillation systems (liquid refrigerator, air manipulators, cooling towers, fan-coils, splits etc) installation of airconditioners, ventillators, smoke exhaustors in existing buildings.

Our firm deals with the installation and maintainance of industrial airconditioners, precision airconditioners, diverse ventillation equipment.

Our activity covers the ventillation of the boiler room and garage of dwelling houses, installation of the central air conditioning system of institutions, their modernization (the additional installation of air and mud parting), air conditioning of telecommunication containers, maintainance of cooling towers of objects. We built in AIRWELL, ARGO, GALETTI, THERMOCOLD RHOSS, CARRIER, ROSENBERG, PANOL, PANASONIC, FISHER, SANYO, LG, HAIER equipment at our installations.

From January 2005 we obtained the exclusive trading right of ARGO airconditioners in the Hungarian market, that in produced on the Sanyo machines in Italy.

Rewiewing of our reference works we emphasize, that we are the official supplier of the National and Budapest Police

In the building of the Teve street of ORFK-BRFK we prosecute the continuous operation and maintainanceof the heating centers, liquid coolers, cooling towers, fan-coil equipment, air manipulators, if neccessary, replacing. (from 1997 continuously)
From 1997 we are the continuous operator of all the ventillating and airconditioning system of the Police Stations in Budapest
In February 2002 we won a public supply competition concerning the modernization of the airconditioning-, heating and air technic system of the Education Center „Petőfi Sándor” advertised by the Self-government of Győr City
In 2003 we accomplished airconditioning and ventillation of the panorama restaurent and kitchen with installing of the neccessary air technic equipment and buinding-up of an airduct network. (From 2000 the whole operation and maintainance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are accomplished by our firm.)
In 2004 for the commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we built the 24 hour cooling of the server room wiht installing of HIROSS airconditioner.
In 2005 from the commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary we accomplished the general overhaul of the KAPPA LN1202 liquid cooler(exchange of the main pieces, building up of the modern controll system, etc)
Autumn 2005 we accomplished in Véső househouse (dwelling house with 240 flats) the ventillation of the boiler house, garage and smoke-free staircase, as well as the individual ventillation of the offices of the flats and the installation of the split airconditioner of the flats where required.
Between 2005-2007 we accomplished from the commission ofthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs the general overhaul of the rest 3 liquid cooler (exchange of main pieces, building upof modern controll system etc)
In 2007 we finished the exchange of the central liquid cooler of Hungarian National Bank
April 2007 we finished the new airmanipulating and airconditioning system of the regional studio of MTV in Pécs
In 2007 we installed split airconditioners in the technical chambers of regional headquartes of VPOP
In 2008 we changed 3 pc. cooling tower and 1 pc. 2,1 Megawatt turbo cooling compressor

Building engineering maintainance
We accomplish continuous maintainance at the equipment installed by us. We have extensive connection in the field of the spare part acquisition, that makes possible the quick and accurate spare part delivery.

The maintainance contains a general overhaul once in a year, the preparation of the machinery for the cooling and heating season.

We can ensure with our specialists the maintainance of the equipment, in case of defect declaration we appear on the site in a very short time and begin the mending of the defect.

Our building engineering works
Buldings and bureaus of the Proform Estate Investitioon Corp.(liquid coolers and fan coils)
Split airconditioner installation of Eurohouse Building
Installing of split airconditioners of Bureau Houses of Fercom Ltd.
Bureaus of ASTA MEDICA
Administration Center of the Police (Budapest XIII. Teve u. 4-6.)
Opel Duna Salon (VRV system)
Education Center of Győr (liquid coolers an air manipulators)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary
The complete ventillation system of Véső House
The Embassy of Poland (equipment of divided system)
Individual airconditioning of flats built by Al Holding Corp.
Effectuation of dwelling houses, villas, flats, auto salons, restaurants, shops, bureaus
Technical rooms of the regional captaincy of VPOP
Construction and effectuation of the cooling and heating and ventillation system and building inspection of the Bureau House built in Dunyov street

Our firm began first in Hungary with the retrofit of industrial cooling systems to operate with environment friendly cooling medium. The equipment operating with environment damaging cooling medium being in good condition can be converted relative with low costs. We worked out technology and applied in both smaller (auto airconditioning) and industrial cooling systems. A system working with R12 at Nitrogénművek Corp. was converted to R134, at Borsodchem Corp. another system working with R11 to R123, as first in the world.

General Contractor activity connected to any theme above.